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Nørregade 36-38, indgang B
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Telefon: 63750990
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Opportunities and Price List

Nature Interpretation
3 hour lessons for schools and institutions: 750 DKK
2 hour lessons for groups of adults and mixed groups of
adults and children (9.00PM to 16.00 AM): 850 DKK
2 hour lessons for mix groups weekendprice 1100,00 DKK

NB: lessons taking place outside normal working hours will be charged with an extra fee of 500 DKK. However, this does not apply to lessons that are a part of an event.

3 hour lessons (9.00 PM to 16.00 AM): 1,250 DKK
3 hour lessons outside normal working hours: 1,800 DKK

In special cases, and by further agreement, it is possible to hire a nature guide to give lessons in nature interpretation in a different location than Tarup-Davinde. For more information contact the office.

Canoe Booking
Canoes can be rented for 75 DKK per canoe for half a day and for 150 DKK per canoe for the whole day.

Area Booking
It is optional to book an area when staying overnight - this ensures that the area is yours. Areas can be booked from 3:00 PM to 10.00 AM the next morning.

Shelters can be booked from 3:00 PM to 10.00 AM for 300 DKK per night.
There are two areas with shelters; Davinde Sø and Åløkkestedet. There are two shelters at Davinde Sø and three shelters at Åløkkestedet. Both areas have campfire sites and firewood can be bought for the price of 100 DKK.

Pavilions can be booked from 10.00 AM to 3:00 PM for 200 DKK.

Hammock Pavillon
Sleeping in a hammock is a unique experience. The hammocks are hanged in a pavillon to ensure shelter for the night. The area can be booked for 500 DKK and the hammocks can be rented for 10 DKK per hammock.

You can also choose to stay overnight in your own tent free of charge. There is only one campsite for tents and it os located at "Nautilen". The campsite has a campfire site and firewood can be bought for the price of 100 DKK.

Please contact the office via phone on +45 63 75 09 90 (Monday to Friday between 9.00 AM and 1.00 PM) or via email on naturskolen@odense.dk regarding booking or for more information.
The Shelters at Davinde Sø

The Hammock Pavillon

The Hammock Pavillon